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Winter 2016 Hair Trends

Winter 2016 Hair Trends are very much all about heavy edges and textured styling. Gone is the desire for perfect smooth shiny locks, replaced by a more carefree romantic wavy look. A very popular haircut at the moment is the lob. A long bob with full edges.. a much heavier finish than what we've favoured in previous seasons. Quite a striking haircut really. Many clients are choosing to wear a … [Read more...]

Braiding is so hot right now

Braiding incorporated into your up-do is an extremely popular trend currently. It's being added to both formal dos and more messy casual/party dos. It's such a great way to fix your hair into a particular style without the need for a thousand bobbie pins and a bucket of hair spray. Also adds beautiful romantic looking texture to your hair. So if the last time you braided your hair was in primary … [Read more...]

Autumn hair trend 2014

A popular hair trend this Autumn (if it ever arrives in BrisVegas) are messy soft waves. I'm loving these soft pretty waves... a little on the messy side. It reflects Australia's easy going, social and fun nature. In terms of colour choice this beautiful colour by LÓreal  reflects current trends beautifully. A soft transition of tone , depth and lightness is seen here which I am seeing clients … [Read more...]