Banishing the Green!

Summer is here, chlorine green is about. And it's not trendy! If you have either coloured or natural blonde hair, you are indeed at risk of that glamorous green taking up residence in your hair over the summer time. Follow these helpful tips to avoid this look in yours or your children's hair over the swim season. * Saturate the hair with tap water before swimming in chlorinated pools. This … [Read more...]

Winter 2016 Hair Trends

Winter 2016 Hair Trends are very much all about heavy edges and textured styling. Gone is the desire for perfect smooth shiny locks, replaced by a more carefree romantic wavy look. A very popular haircut at the moment is the lob. A long bob with full edges.. a much heavier finish than what we've favoured in previous seasons. Quite a striking haircut really. Many clients are choosing to wear a … [Read more...]