Autumn hair trend 2014

hairtrend2014autumnA popular hair trend this Autumn (if it ever arrives in BrisVegas) are messy soft waves. I’m loving these soft pretty waves… a little on the messy side. It reflects Australia’s easy going, social and fun nature. In terms of colour choice this beautiful colour by LÓreal  reflects current trends beautifully. A soft transition of tone , depth and lightness is seen here which I am seeing clients favour in studio. Instead of harsh balliage effects clients are opting for more subtle transitions in tone. Love.

To create the above soft pretty waves at home it really isn’t hard. Here are some tips to help you achieve this look.

1. Wash your hair thoroughly, shampooing twice and a light condition. Rinse extra well. Make sure you select a shampoo/conditioner that isn’t too heavy in your hair as it will effect the end result.

2. Blast your hair dry with your head upside down to create volume in the root area. Be careful to direct the air flow down your hair shaft to avoid creating frizz along with volume.

3. Once dry, spray a small amount of a moveable hair spray (I personally love Brocato Moveable Hairspray) through your lengths (head now right way up).

4. Use a medium to large curling tong to create soft waves through your midlengths and ends. Wrap small to medium sized strands around the tong making sure you change direction of wrapping between strands to make it look more natural.

5. Mess it up gently and apply one last little mist of spray and your ready. 🙂


  1. Your Autumn hair trend is noiiccceee. She’s beautiful and her hairstyle is cool for her.

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