Banishing the Green!

Summer is here, chlorine green is about. And it's not trendy! If you have either coloured or natural blonde hair, you are indeed at risk of that glamorous green taking up residence in your hair over the summer time. Follow these helpful tips to avoid this look in yours or your children's hair over the swim season. * Saturate the hair with tap water before swimming in chlorinated pools. This … [Read more...]

Winter 2016 Hair Trends

Winter 2016 Hair Trends are very much all about heavy edges and textured styling. Gone is the desire for perfect smooth shiny locks, replaced by a more carefree romantic wavy look. A very popular haircut at the moment is the lob. A long bob with full edges.. a much heavier finish than what we've favoured in previous seasons. Quite a striking haircut really. Many clients are choosing to wear a … [Read more...]

Braiding is so hot right now

Braiding incorporated into your up-do is an extremely popular trend currently. It's being added to both formal dos and more messy casual/party dos. It's such a great way to fix your hair into a particular style without the need for a thousand bobbie pins and a bucket of hair spray. Also adds beautiful romantic looking texture to your hair. So if the last time you braided your hair was in primary … [Read more...]

Autumn hair trend 2014

A popular hair trend this Autumn (if it ever arrives in BrisVegas) are messy soft waves. I'm loving these soft pretty waves... a little on the messy side. It reflects Australia's easy going, social and fun nature. In terms of colour choice this beautiful colour by LÓreal  reflects current trends beautifully. A soft transition of tone , depth and lightness is seen here which I am seeing clients … [Read more...]

Add a Feature Fringe

Bored with your long hair but not ready to face the big chop? You can make your beautiful long hair a little more interesting by adding a feature fringe. Opt for one that is either long and sweeping to avoid a big commitment or embrace a sharp dramatic full fringe..or pretty much all that lies in between. Long hair is beautiful.. have fun with it. In my experience there is a fringe shape to … [Read more...]

Vibrant Reds/Coppers

Want that hot stand-out vibrant red or copper this Autumn/Winter but can't stand the fade issue? Here are some simple tips to maintain vibrancy in your colour: 1. Use a good quality Colour Fade Prevent Shampoo and Conditioner. Using a salon approved range means the shampoo will be kinder to the colour pigment you adore. It will help slow the fade process down and be gentle on your hair. I … [Read more...]

Too short to do anything with? No!

There's no such thing as too short to do anything with. 2014 is proving to also be the year of short funky shapes. My client Mandy felt the pull to embrace a short, cheeky look... so we did just that. I often hear ladies with short hair feeling like they don't have enough length to have a change. But as you can see with Mandy, that's not the case. Chat to your stylist about what changes can be … [Read more...]

2014 hair styling trend… wavy, textured bob

Longer textured bob shapes are extremely current in 2014 hair trends. The cheeky mid-length shape is no longer required to be chic and smooth but styled with texture and movement. Embrace your hair's natural movement, arm yourself with a diffuser and go for a more flirtatious scrunch dry. If you find scrunch drying gets your hair too out of control, finish off by taming bits and pieces with … [Read more...]