Banishing the Green!

Summer is here, chlorine green is about. And it’s not trendy! If you have either coloured or natural blonde hair, you are indeed at risk of that glamorous green taking up residence in your hair over the summer time. Follow these helpful tips to avoid this look in yours or your children’s hair over the swim season.

* Saturate the hair with tap water before swimming in chlorinated pools. This saturation prevents the hair from absorbing further liquid so helps to deflect the strong chemical staying in your hair.

* Apply a barrier cream to your hair prior to swimming. Most hair ranges have a product specifically designed for keeping the hair safe from chlorine and salt. We recommend Davroe luxe leave-in masque for this.

* After each swim it is important to shampoo the hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine from the hair. A simple rinse isn’t enough as it doesn’t completely remove the chlorine from the hair. We recommend using Brocato peppermint scrub shampoo after each swim. It gently deep cleanses the hair and removes the cause of the green!

* The more sensitised your ends are, the more at risk your hair is of turning green. So if you are a swimmer (and who isn’t in this Queensland climate!), it’s important to keep your locks nourished and moisturised. Use a weekly moisture treatment and a prescribed shampoo/conditioner combo. Using the right products for your hair is important… ask your stylist to tailor your products to your individual hair needs.

Good luck… avoid the green!

xx Monique

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