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Autumn hair trend 2014

A popular hair trend this Autumn (if it ever arrives in BrisVegas) are messy soft waves. I'm loving these soft pretty waves... a little on the messy side. It reflects Australia's easy going, social and fun nature. In terms of colour choice this beautiful colour by LÓreal  reflects current trends beautifully. A soft transition of tone , depth and lightness is seen here which I am seeing clients … [Read more...]

Add a Feature Fringe

Bored with your long hair but not ready to face the big chop? You can make your beautiful long hair a little more interesting by adding a feature fringe. Opt for one that is either long and sweeping to avoid a big commitment or embrace a sharp dramatic full fringe..or pretty much all that lies in between. Long hair is beautiful.. have fun with it. In my experience there is a fringe shape to … [Read more...]

Vibrant Reds/Coppers

Want that hot stand-out vibrant red or copper this Autumn/Winter but can't stand the fade issue? Here are some simple tips to maintain vibrancy in your colour: 1. Use a good quality Colour Fade Prevent Shampoo and Conditioner. Using a salon approved range means the shampoo will be kinder to the colour pigment you adore. It will help slow the fade process down and be gentle on your hair. I … [Read more...]