Vibrant Reds/Coppers

curly sexy short bobWant that hot stand-out vibrant red or copper this Autumn/Winter but can’t stand the fade issue? Here are some simple tips to maintain vibrancy in your colour:

1. Use a good quality Colour Fade Prevent Shampoo and Conditioner. Using a salon approved range means the shampoo will be kinder to the colour pigment you adore. It will help slow the fade process down and be gentle on your hair. I personally love Brocato Vibracolor shampoo and conditioner.

2. Add a colour pigment product to your shower routine. Jeval has released a new range called Colorlights which come in a variety of vibrant and non-vibrant colours. This range is used in the shower after shampooing for 3 mins prior to conditioner. It deposits tone only into your hair, adds volume and conditions – a great way to maintain shine and discourage fade between colour services.

3. Ask your colourist to seal your pigment in on the day with either a vibrant toner (doubling up on the pigment deposit) or with a colour lock treatment. This will definitely extend the life of your vibrant colour.

4. Avoid chlorine and salt water. These two are a vibrant colours worst enemy. This is a lot easier to avoid in the cooler months. If you can’t stay away, make sure you use a gentle purifying shampoo post exposure to remove unwanted colour toxics 🙂


  1. I am a red lover and before coming to Monique my colour would always wash out really quickly. With Monique’s techniques my colour always lasts between visits! It’s great to have a stylist who can keep you hair looking great! Thanks Monique.

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