Winter 2016 Hair Trends

Tortoiseshell Effect Hair ColourWinter 2016 Hair Trends are very much all about heavy edges and textured styling. Gone is the desire for perfect smooth shiny locks, replaced by a more carefree romantic wavy look.

A very popular haircut at the moment is the lob. A long bob with full edges.. a much heavier finish than what we’ve favoured in previous seasons. Quite a striking haircut really. Many clients are choosing to wear a tortoise shell effect colour (a follow on look from the balayage effect) which looks amazing with the wavy styling.

Book in with your stylist for training on best ways to achieve this wavy look at home. Most people are nervous about attempting to style their hair in this way. But I can assure you with the proper tips and tricks you can rock it. We are offering style classes from September 3rd. Please check it out on the Facebook page.

– Monique O’Rourke Freelance Hairstylist.

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